Q: What payment options are available?
A: We have a variety of options available for you to pay safely and conveniently. You can safely use your debit card or credit card by selecting “Payfast” when you checkout. (Unfortunately we do not accept American Express and/or Diners Cards). We also have Zapper and SnapScan available for your convenience.

Q: Do you have a physical “Walk-In” store?
A: No we don’t. We are exclusively an online store. This helps us to keep our costs to a minimum, as we do not need to pay rent, staff, water and lights etc. which helps to keep our product prices as low as possible.

Q: Can I find your products in any stationery stores in South Africa?
No. Our products are imported from overseas and are of an international quality and have won many international awards due to their exceptional quality. We believe that stationery stores would put their mark-up on our prices and this would make it more expensive for you. By you coming directly to us, we cut out the “middleman” and can bring you the most affordable prices.

Q: How long will it take for my items to be delivered to me once I have made payment?
A: All of our products are imported from overseas. Due to the fact that we do not have a physical store, we do not always hold stock. This means we generally have to place an order with our supplier overseas when you place your order with us. We collect all the orders during the month and then send a bulk order to our supplier, once a month, at the end of the month, to make it more cost effective for everyone. Once we have placed our order with our supplier, it can take several months & longer to arrive in SA from overseas, depending on the SAPO and their delivery procedures and schedules.

Unfortunately there could be severe & extreme delays to the delivery of your order, due to circumstances beyond Class Beats Pty Ltd control such as strikes and delays at the SAPO (South African Post Office), courier companies, Customs etc. Rest assured that we will always strive to get your order to you as soon as we possibly can.

Q: Will I be entitled to any refund/exchange/credit if there is any delay in delivering my order?
A: Unfortunately you will not be entitled to any refund and/or exchange and/or credit whatsoever, due to delivery delays and/or otherwise.

Q: Do you do exhibitions/expo’s at schools?
A: We do exhibitions/expo’s from time to time. If your school is unfamiliar with our products and would like to get a “look and feel” of our products, we can make arrangements for that.

Q: What is a Wishlist?
A: Some use a Wishlist as a “Save for Later” buying list. You can add any item in our store to your Wishlist by selecting the “Add to Wishlist” button under each product image. Once you have added items to your Wishlist you can then select the Wishlist tab at the top of the page and there you will find all the items that you have added to your Wishlist. You can then either add them to your cart and buy them, you could also leave them in your Wishlist to give it some more consideration or you can remove them from the Wishlist entirely. Some use their Wishlist to store items they are considering buying in the current shop. You might even want to create a Wishlist to send to friends/family/teachers/HOD etc. to give them gift ideas.

Q: What Grades are your products best suited towards?
A: Our products are suited from Pre-Primary/Crèche through until Grade 9. Our products are also suitable for daycares, hospitals, shops, almost anywhere where there are children present.

Q: Do you have products in any of the other official South African Languages, other than English?
A: Unfortunately not. Our products are exclusively in English. The reason for this is that our products are imported from overseas.

Q: Do you have a catalogue?
A: Yes we do. The easiest way to view the latest products is simply here, on our website. Just click here to access our online catalogue and you’ll be able to browse through all 2300 of our products in our digital catalogue. Alternatively, we can arrange for a physical copy of our catalogue to be sent to you.

Q: Can I order from your website even if I don’t live in Johannesburg?
A: Absolutely! We can have your items couriered to you anywhere in South Africa. Unfortunately we do not deliver to countries outside of South Africa.

Q: Do you give discounts on bulk orders?
A: If a VERY large quantity of products is ordered, we will definitely be able to consider a discount. Please email us on info@classbeats.co.za should you have a large quantity order request and we will gladly send you a quote.

Q: Can I order now and pay later once I receive my products?
A: Unfortunately not. We need full payment, up front, in order to secure your items with our supplier overseas.

Q: Why have the prices changed since the last time I ordered?
A: Although we strive to keep our prices regular, there are many factors taken into account when doing so. One of the main reasons our prices change from time to time is that we order from overseas and thus the daily fluctuation of the exchange rate has a major impact on the price of our products.

Q: Why can I not find an item in your catalogue that I ordered last time?
A: We have almost 2500 different items and although we like to keep the majority of them, our products do change from time to time depending on the seasons and popularity of products. We like to keep things fresh and interesting by removing older items to replace them with newer items. Unfortunately, if you cannot find an item in our latest catalogue, it means the item has been discontinued.

Q: What are your delivery/collection options?
A: We have 2 options when it comes to delivery/collection of your order. You can either have your order delivered to you or you can collect your order from Benoni, Gauteng. For deliveries, we use a reputable and reliable South African courier company to deliver your products to your door, once it arrives in South Africa. We charge a flat delivery fee of R100 per order to deliver your order directly to your door, anywhere in South Africa. Alternatively, you can collect your order from Benoni, Gauteng, at no delivery charge. Please note that should you wish to collect your order from Benoni, Gauteng, it will have to be at a time, date and place which is most convenient for Class Beats Pty Ltd. Please DO NOT select to collect your order if you cannot collect it from Benoni, Gauteng. We will not be able to accommodate you in collections, anywhere other than from Benoni, Gauteng. Rather select to have your order delivered to you if you cannot collect it from Benoni, Gauteng.

Q: What should I do if my order is delivered and I open it to find that it is damaged or that I have received the incorrect items?
A: We want you to love our products and to be 100% satisfied with the quality of our products. Should this not be the case, please immediately send us an email: info@classbeats.co.za or classbeatsza@gmail.com along with the exact description of the damage as well as any pictures of the damaged items. If you received an incorrect item or entire order, please DO NOT open the items but rather email us immediately to inform us so that we can arrange for the correct items/order to be delivered to you. Email info@classbeats.co.za or classbeatsza@gmail.com

Q: What are your banking details?
A: Nedbank Cheque Account. Account No.:1152050419. Branch Code: 198765.

Q: How can I contact Class Beats?
A: You can send us an email on info@classbeats.co.za or classbeatsza@gmail.com. You can also send us a message on Social Media and we will be sure to answer you ASAP.

Q: Are there any Social Media pages that I can follow Class Beats?
A: We would love and appreciate it if you could give us a “Like” and “Follow” on Social Media. This will keep you up to date on all the latest specials and new products. Search for us on Facebook: “Class Beats ZA”. You can also find us on Twitter & Instagram @ClassBeatsZA

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